Working With Us
If you wish to work with us, we are looking for people with the following skills (See below). Please note that we only work part-time, for this reason, any work which does come will be on a per-request basis, rather than an ongoing payment. We are also happy to consider students and upcoming content creators who have limited portfolio's, so long as you have something to bring to the table! When applying, please make sure you send links to your portfolio or examples of your previous work, otherwise we will just decline your application.

For any application, please contact us at:
QA / Creative Writing
We are currently looking for someone to help us with Quality assurance and writing. This will include proof-reading all in-game messages to ensure we maintain a consistent quality. We would also like this person to be able to improve text in places to make the writing in the game have a cleaner and overall consistent flow. This will include: Item descriptions, NPC dialog, Tutorial / Menu text, in-game story books and website content approval.
Marketing Management and Branding
We are looking for someone who can aid with the Vitality branding and marketing. This job will include the creation of advertisment content, website / social media branding and distribution of marketing such as advertisement placement, maximising marketing potential, search engine optimisation and more.
Video / Trailer editing
We are looking for someone who can put together trailers for us, from start to finish. We can provide gameplay footage and music in most cases. The editing skills required will involve use of video editing software to put video clips together and apply visual effects, colour correction, text pop'ups, Gameplay-music syncing as well as trailer design and all messages that may appear during a trailer.
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