Play the Alpha
The Vitality Alpha is now available! Enjoy the experience of playing Vitality in its infancy, if you participate in the Alpha, all future updates for the game will be free and you will get to experience the game at every stage in the journey!
Alpha gives us the opportunity to get feedback on what we are creating so far, get ideas in and change / improve mechanics to make them better!
If you are a Kickstarter backer and have backed a tier which offers the Alpha, you will receive your Alpha key by email or personal message on Kickstarter. You can then use the key to redeem your alpha copy.
Join the Alpha
You will be able to join the Vitality alpha at a donate-to-play price of $14.99. This cost reflects an equivilant cost to our original alpha tier price on kickstarter. Any donation goes directly towards development, allowing us to add more content aswell as helping us improve the fidelity and atmosphere of the project!
Please note that the Alpha version of Vitality is an early version of the game that is still in development. For this reason, the game will not have all of the features that you can expect from the full game. The game may also contain bugs and have performance / graphical issues as we haven't been able to test the game on a wide range of PC hardware yet.
The Alpha Process
The Vitality alpha will last up until the release of beta this summer, starting 19th April 2014 and lasting through until beta which is expected to drop around the middle of July. Anyone who donates to play the Alpha will also gain access to the Beta.
During alpha, there will be no auto-updater. All versions of the game will be downloadable from the website. The player will also be notified each time a new update is available.
What an Alpha Key will give you
-> Updates for life You will receive every future update of Vitality, including any additional downloadable content.

-> Access to Alpha When you receive your key, you will have full access to the game' s downloads through the activated account.

-> Access to beta An Alpha Key will give you access to the beta versions of Vitality aswell, upto and including release.

-> Full game upon release You will also receive a copy of the full-game upon its release. If the game is distributed via any online stores, you will also receive a key for each specific store.

Additional Notes
As we are a small company and have to control distribution of our game, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours on you receiving your key after having donated. This is because we need to manually authenticate each transaction before we can send you your key.
As a result, it may take a minimum of 30 minutes after your donation for you to receive your key. We are sorry for any inconvinience this causes and we will be able to upgrade this system in the future when popularity grows.
If this takes longer than 24 hours, please send us an email, with your paypal reference at thank you!

Vitality Features
Vitality is still in development so the Alpha version of the game will not have many of the features that later versions of the game will have. We are going to be constantly releasing updates during Alpha and onwards however here are some of the features that are in the Alpha:
A diverse and immersive world
We have set out to create a truely immersive and visually pleasing world. We have created a randomly generated world, full of different habitats and ecosystems, NPC villages. From the baron wasteland to the might of the jungle, the world truely is the core of the game.
Non-playable-characters and Quests
To create that next level of survival, NPC's will help you facilitate your survival in the world, grouping up with parties of NPC's, fulfilling challenging and gameplay altering quests will help you gain reputation! We want the quests in Vitality to not just be resource grinding, but to have variation and introduce new mechanics and change up the gameplay.
Age progression and Evolution
In Vitality, you will have the opportunity to advance through the ages. Starting in the unforgiving stone age, in which raw survival is essential. Moving through to the tribal age, introducing social politics and trade; No longer are you living off the land, but surviving as a species. The Alpha will contain the first two ages of the game: Stone age and Tribal age; The final game will have an additional 4 (6 in total).
A range of craftable tools and utilities
You will be able to craft a range of different tools and utilities which you can use to aid your gameplay. All crafting in Vitality is done through a system called 'The Collection'. The collection is an area in your inventory in-which you can collect a range of crafting books, story books, log books and relics/trinkets. As you play, more crafting recipes will become available to you as you complete quests, gain experience and advance through the ages. Some books will be much more rare, meaning that certain recipes for special items will be hard to come by.
Sandbox Elements
Whilst the sandbox elements of Vitality are not what make up the core gameplay, we have a clean building system which will allow you to build houses and gather resources. Our building mechanic uses a "Micro-Block" system. This means you can select the specific shape of a block to increase the scope of what can be built.
Features NOT in the alpha
We have tried our best to pack as much into the Alpha as possible, however certain features would push the release date too far back and will instead be implemented over the following weeks. Here is a list of the features we have shown that will not be in the initial alpha release:

- Co-op Multiplayer - whilst multiplayer works, it is not in a stable enough state to be released straight away. We may put more effort into polishing multilpayer if it is something people really want! (rather than other gameplay features.)
- World Loading - World loading does work, and will be in the alpha; However we will not guarantee that saving will work between different updates. This is because Vitality still has many changes to come, and keeping the world format consistent when it is very likely to change significantly is a hinderance to the addition of new features.

Downloading Vitality Alpha
To download and play Vitality Alpha, you will need to have registered an account on this website. Login and on the side panel where the login form is, there will be a link to redeem an alpha key.

Go to this page, you will be prompted to read and accept the alpha terms and conditions and will be able to then validate your key.

After having validated your key, A download link will be available on the side panel which can be used to download the latest version of Vitality.

This will download a runnable .exe (executable) file for the game, run this and enjoy!

Have fun!

If you are having any trouble downloading, please contact or go onto our forums / read the FAQ for more information.

Upgrade to Alpha
If you have purchased Vitality Beta and wish to join the alpha, You can upgrade at a price of $7.00 (USD). We request that you provide us with an email address or username that you previously used to buy Vitality.
We will only accept the payment if we can confirm that you previously had Vitality Beta.

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